WaterMark Recruiting, Inc. is part of a network of recruiters possessing over 40 years of combined experience in high technology recruiting. This vast network allows WaterMark the ability to offer the client several unique benefits including:

  • The most up-to-date information on current high tech trends
  • In depth understanding of your company and the competition
  • Access to the top sales talent available in the U.S. and Canada

WaterMark is an aggressive search firm and we are founded on the simple premise that true success in executive sales recruiting comes from recruiters who know how to sell themselves. We drive business! We implement the following techniques in every search we undertake:

  • Qualify client for the ideal candidate profile and the most ideal client-recruiter working relationship
  • Qualify candidates against you company’s requirements and culture to provide a focused group of candidates to interview
  • Provide immediate feedback to client and candidates throughout each step of the interview process
  • Continuously look for potential stumbling blocks to the successful resolution of the interview process
  • Assist in the negotiations at offer stage to ensure mutual acceptance and long term success for both the client and candidate

By adhering closely to these steps, WaterMark Recruiting is able to compress the interview process to just a few weeks while maintaining a 95% success rate in filling our assignments.